What is Permaculture?

Permaculture can restore the balance disrupted by the modern consumer lifestyle. By re orientating ourselves to starting from scratch, at home, we can build a healthier world – literally from the ground up.

What are the benefits of permaculture?

Permaculture design can establish secure human habitats that are both resilient and regenerative, supplying for all our needs. This habitat encompasses the natural world and ensures all living things grow and flourish forever.

Why do we need Permaculture?

We need permaculture to reorientate ourselves towards simple, resilient solutions. These solutions can be scaled up from the tiny to the international in scale.

Do I need a lot of land to get started in permaculture?

Not at all!  Permaculture values the small and the marginal! You can start from where you are. Potential is everywhere from your office desk to your dream rural acerage.

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