We provide a design assessment service for a range of property sizes, tailored to differing needs and budget. Our popular education programmes include themed workshops on water, trees, pattern and soil. We also custom design sessions for any situation including commercial and institutional settings.

Use small and slow solutions

Permaculture starts with the small and encourages the immediate. Concepts on a small scale can be more readily increased in scale.
A slow speed keeps an awareness. Details can be seen, reactions can be catered for. A problem is an opportunity…….the solution is within it.

Value diversity and the marginal

A natural system only operates in diversity. Our design system mimics this diversity by modelling layers in space and over time. Many parts working symbiotically create a strong sustainable system. Those on the margins are there because the system does not cater for them. Their existence shows the flaws, therefore identifying them builds a stronger whole.

The edges of a river are the most diverse, in that they contain all of those from water and land. Using and valuing these edges within an entire society brings in the most rich and diverse elements so the entire society may benefit from it.

Observe and interact

We observe all that happens within an environment. The links, the patterns, the interactions between and within the system determine how we create a design. It takes time to see all that is happening. And to take it all in. All that is there. We do this without prejudgment as to whether it should or should not be.

Catch and store energy

We see potential for energy everywhere. Seeing the inverse of the conventional view, we aim to trap energy in all it’s forms within the site, rather than importing energy from elsewhere. We see potential in what can grow within an area, the skills those living there can use, the reuse of resources already there. The free energy falling, flowing and blowing past a site is all there to be harnessed.

We investigate ways to store energy in natural batteries of thermal mass. To store nutrient in soil and plants. To keep food by preserving. To keep traditions from dying out. By saving and storing, permaculture embodies the sustainable practice of local energy capture and reuse.

Obtain a yield

Everywhere there are opportunities to gain. Permaculture seeks to make the most of creating a usable outcome out of every opportunity. Even a small space in the short term can provide a meal. Or shade or a more pleasing aspect. Or all three. True sustainability is a system that creates more than it uses, therefore being sustainable into the future.

Design from patterns to details

We take in the entire landscape, and first model patterns that exist there. This can be paths of water, actions of wind, tracks made by people and animals.

We work outwards to inwards, applying the overall pattern into the details of the plan. This integration ensures the details work in with the whole, and large patterning supports the design.

True sustainability.

Integrate rather than segregate…

We focus on continually binding detail to the wider whole. In contrast to the reductionist view which reduces the world to specialisation, we value the generalist.

We only ever consider a detail as part of the whole so that every part may function in harmony.

Apply self regulation…andaccept feedback

We see design and consideration as a continuous process. In the literal definition of organic…..we see everything as continually evolving. A design or concept only functions if it functions in reality.

As a tree grows in continuous feedback from leaves to stem to root, our systems have to continuously take in feedback from the environment including those who inhabit it. We respond to change.

…Produce no waste

A forest floor creates no refuse, but continually recycles nutrients through the system. Nature has no concept of waste.
In permaculture we consider all avenues of energy and products, and endeavour to put all to good use.
The ultimate in recycling.

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