Why a permaculture assessment?

A permaculture assessment gives you an immediate, practical guide to getting the most out of your property. It is a comprehensive way to assess efficiency, sustainability and practicality all in one plan.

Whether you are a home gardener, small business or broad acre farmer, permaculture can provide unique ways to turn your challenges into solutions.

Learn, plan, implement………

Basic consult

Our permaculture specialist Natasha will visit your site and for a maximum of two hours to give on the spot advice. Natasha will survey the surrounding area and devise a plan that will be long lasting and sustainable. As well as verbal advice Natasha will create a drawing of this plan that will be presented to you onsite.

Standard consult

For those who want more a more detailed consult, Natasha can design a complete plan for you that will assess your specific needs. This assesment can be done for all land sizes, including suburban blocks. The plan will include an order of works and specific plant species that should be used on your site.

Complete consult

This is the most comprehensive service. This is the consult suitable for acreages and commercial properties. Natasha will visit for up to three separate sessions to assess your property and budget. The full plan including order of works, time frames and species specifics will be presented to you onsite with a full explanation of the long term, sustainable benefits of the plan.

Get a personal consultation

We will take care of your landscaping and permaculture needs.